Warp Miniatures Summon Up Elemental Powers On Patreon

March 2, 2022 by brennon

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Warp Miniatures have released their newest selection of 3D Printable offerings over on Patreon right now. This time around, the focus is on a set of 32mm Elementals that could be used for all sorts of Fantasy games.

The Elemental Planes - Warp Miniatures

The Elemental Planes // Warp Miniatures

This is just the first of the Elemental collection. As there are four elements, one would assume that we're going to see Water and Fire popping up next month! However, the awesomeness this time around focuses in on Earth and Air with Genies for both leading the way.

Djinni Air Genie - Warp Miniatures

Djinni, Air Genie // Warp Miniatures

These would be excellent for those looking to put together some interesting encounters for Dungeons & Dragons in particular. You could send your heroes off into one of the various planes of existence and have them tackle these mighty characters and creatures in order to stop some villainous undertaking.

Dao Earth Genie - Warp Miniatures

Dao, Earth Genie // Warp Miniatures

I also like the idea of using them as part of a larger Fantasy army. I know that there is an army in Kings Of War that would benefit from these mighty Elementals taking to the field, especially behind these towering leaders. Because there are small, medium and larger Elementals in the collection you could print off an entire army!

Air Elemental - Warp Miniatures

Air Elemental // Warp Miniatures

You could use the small Elementals, the Mephits, to represent the ranged and skirmish options with your force. The larger Elementals could then be used as your rank and file troops alongside other monstrous elements (hah) of your army.

Earth Elemental - Warp Miniatures

Earth Elemental // Warp Miniatures

As is the case with all of the sculpts from Warp Miniatures, the character and detail worked into each of them is impressive. Additionally, 3D printing some elementals (that are essentially terrain), means that even if you get some oddities in the process, you can just make it part of the final look!

An impressive collection that could be used for roleplaying games, skirmish games and full-blown wargames!

Do you prefer Air or Earth?

"An impressive collection that could be used for roleplaying games, skirmish games and full-blown wargames!"

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