Warploque Preview New Sculpts For ArcWorlde 2nd Edition

January 18, 2019 by brennon

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Warploque Miniatures are moving closer and closer to the release of ArcWorlde 2nd Edition and with that comes new and improved miniature design too. Alex Huntley has been showing off what's coming soon over on social media starting with a Halfling Sheriff.

Halfling Sheriff - Warploque Miniatures

This dashing fellow shows one of the new leaders for your warband in ArcWorlde with sword at the ready and dinner on his mind. As I've said before when it comes to Huntley's work, he is a master at managing to get oodles of character into his figures. I love the expressions on their faces, drawing you into the moment and giving you an idea as to how they'd act if they were animated.

The same goes for another of his new sculpts for the Bayourk Chieftain. You can sense the edge of madness in his character, bellowing at his foes across the swamps.

Bayourk Chieftain - Warploque Miniatures

When it comes to these larger than life character it's the little things that make them stand out. In this case, it's the mushrooms growing across his shoulder and the little touch of the arcanite gem hanging around his wrist, no doubt something he holds very dear and perhaps gives him some of his power.

There are no doubt going to be plenty more previews ahead of the 2nd Edition. I've always loved the ArcWorlde range, even though I've not had a chance to pick it up. Their Elves are superb.

Leader Preview - Warploque Miniatures

Warploque Miniatures will probably be at Salute this year and I urge you to go over and talk to them, finding out more about the range and the game behind it too.

What are some of your favourite miniatures from their collection?

"What are some of your favourite miniatures from their collection?"

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