The Coporation Send More Enforcers to Assault and Oppress

August 1, 2012 by brennon

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Check out a few more Enforcer images from the folks at Mantic Games for the Corporation in Warpath. These soldiers are looking like a seriously angry bunch of hombres. I suddenly fear for my Forge Fathers lives. Get the Iron Ancestor ready lads!

Assault Enforcer #1

Assault Enforcer #2

Assault Enforcer #3

Assault Enforcer #4

Above are the Assault Enforcers, complete with arm blades and pistols for close combat warfare. As if these guys couldn't get any cooler right?

Strike Enforcer Special Weapon #1

Strike Enforcer Special Weapon #2

But if you're a fan of long range fighting and you didn't catch them last week, here are some of the special weapon options for your Enforcers. I particularly like the one at the top with that mighty looking rifle. It seems like it could put a hole in a tank!

So are the Enforcers still a winning set of miniatures for you folks?

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