Mantic Enforce the Corporation with this Preview

July 24, 2012 by dracs

Mantic have announced that this week they will be delving into the background and design of the latest mini to join the Corporation in Warpath. The Enforcers!

To start things off Mantic have put up a rather frustrating preview of what this mini will be like.

Mantic - Enforcer Back

Turn around!!

From this image we can see that these guys will be bringing some serious fire power. The armour looks pretty cool and coupled with the size of that gun suggests that these guys will be something of a force to reckon with on the battlefield.

Mantic have also provided us with our first glimpse into the background of these elite soldiers.

Very little is actually known about the Enforcers. They were first created in the wake of the Mandrake Marauder rebellions, as a replacement for those treacherous companies of aliens under Corporation Central’s direct command. Corporation Central does its best to keep the Enforcers’ recruitment, equipment, disposition, overall numbers, organisation and membership confidential. In a galaxy as large as ours, this is nigh on impossible, and there are certain matters that are readily apparent to an observer, nevertheless the Enforcers remain shrouded in secrecy.

Hmm, it will certainly be interesting to see what else comes to light about these guys this week and I especially look forward to when they turn this guy around to face us.

What are your initial impressions of this? Do you like the miniature? Do you think the background sounds interesting?

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