Mantic Games Unveil the Grim Cargo Tokens

February 17, 2012 by brennon

So after seeing the 8th Race, or as we can now call them, the Veer-Myn, and the tiles from Grim Cargo its about time we saw the final component and that's the tokens from Mantic Games.

Health Token

Hazard Token

Corporation 3x Fire Token

Question Mark Token

Well these tokens can give us a little bit of a insight into just how the game might play. As well as the dice mechanic it appears a lot of actions will be keyed off tokens like healing, avoiding hazards akin to cave-ins perhaps? As well as that the Question Mark token just above isn't a ploy by Mantic, but an actual token. Apparently both the Veer-Myn and Corporation have a special action reserved to this.

Let's get some game play and rules run down soon!

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