Rename the Marauder Attackster Competition!!!

July 29, 2011 by beerogre

Here's a great offer from Ronnie and the guys at Mantic Games...

Mantic has successfully run it’s naming competition several times before – the vampiric Soul Reaver knights, Abyssal Dwarf Decimators and the Dwarf Ironwatch are all examples of where the community got it right and gave us a brilliant name. Well, we’ve taken our naming competition to the next level with Warpath.

We’ve got a fantastic prize up for grabs in the form of a squad of five resin Forge Father Heavy Troopers. These resin figures are masters of the original sculpts that are being turned into Plastic Resin and are absolutely gorgeous… though you will have to wait a little longer to see them!

One of the vehicles in the Marauder army list is the Attackster – a fast armoured Orx trike that can also be armed with a BFG, most notably a machine gun, an anti-tank gun or a fire thrower!

Concept art for this awesome vehicle is not yet out and we think Attackster is a cool name, but we think there’s a better name out there, and we think you can give it to us.  So, what we want you to do is come up with a load of names and put them down in this thread before the 15th August. We’ll then pick the best, and one of you will bag yourself a set of the first Forge Father figures!

Ronnie Renton

King of all things Mantic!

You heard the man... get renaming that vehicle and win yourselves some of those awesome Forge Father models!

Edit: I see a few entries below with Forge Father type names... remember this competition is to rename the ORX ATTACKSTER

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