Mantic Show off More of their Warpath Enforcers

July 27, 2012 by brennon

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So we saw the Enforcer Captain for Mantic's Warpath at the start of the week, and we have been teased with concept art and 'rear facing marines' for a while now. But it is finally time to show off more of the Enforcers of the Corporation...

Corporation Enforcer

Strike Enforcer

First up above is the Strike Enforcer. As you can see while he has a lot of the same qualities as the Captain his armour is less bulky. This doesn't mean he's less of a threat though, as that rather large rifle attests.

Enforcers with Heavy Weapon Concepts

Enforcer Weaponry

And next up we have a look at some Enforcers wielding heavy weapons, and even some of the other kit these soldiers will be wearing. These miniatures remind me more and more of a video game every day, and I suppose that's a good thing!

Mantic are going to be releasing more images of the Enforcers throughout the day so keep checking back to this post for new images as and when they hit!

Corporation Enforcer Model

What are you going to arm your Enforcers with?

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