Mantic’s Warpath Army Deals

October 5, 2011 by dracs

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With Warpath's release fast approaching, Mantic have got some new army deals for the Marauders and Forgefathers available to pre-order.

For the Marauders there is the Grognark's Rage Marauder Army Deal.

In this you will get:

  • 42 x Plastic Marauder Grunts
  • 28 x Plastic Marauder Grunts with heavy weapons
  • 3 x Plastic Resin Marauder Raptor
  • Ripper Special Melee Weapons
  • Anti-tank BGF Heavy Weapons
  • Grenades, spare heads, pistols and ammo packs.
  • 70 x 25mm Round Bases
  • Free Printed Warpath Rules

Forge Father players will be getting the Thorin's Hammer Army Deal.

This will contain:

  • 20 x Plastic Forge Father Steel Warriors
  • 20 x Plastic Resin Stormrage Veterans
  • 3 x Jotunn Heavy Hailstorm Cannons
  • Hailstorm Autocannons and Heatcannon option.
  • Grenades, Heat Hammer, spare heads and weapon options.
  • 40 x 25mm Round Bases
  • Free Printed Warpath Rules

Of course let's not forget the combined army pack, Fate of the Forgestar.

So guys any of you fancy getting yourself a Warpath army?

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