Podcasts and Pestilent Critters from Mantic!

April 14, 2012 by brennon

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If you're lounging about in the sun today (why are you? You should be painting models!) then how about looking over a few more awesome photos of Mantic Games' Veer-Myn creations while listening to their first Podcast?

Night Spawn (Front)

Night Spawn with Scenery

Night Spawn (Rear)

Yes that's right! Above is the awesome and deadly looking Night Spawn for the Veer-Myn forces. This is yet another model continuing the trend of brilliant sculpts coming out of Mantic, and it has a pretty tasty paint job to boot!

Mantic Podcast Episode 1

So if you're now into all things Mantic check out their Podcast right here. In their first episode the crew discuss Project Pandora!

Enjoy this ratty goodness for Saturday!

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