Reporting from the Warpath Trenches

November 12, 2011 by brennon

So Twitter failed me as a means of uploading pictures! But I bring you lots of images of what's going on today below from the Mantic Games Warpath Launch Event...

Warpath on Sale

As you would imagine a lot of Warpath stuff is on sale today, plenty of the big box sets and small blister packs for the Forge Father and Marauder Hero.

Kings of War on Sale

Kings of War is also making an appearance. Plenty of the blisters, box sets and Dwarf Kings Hold for people to purchase. And with the goody-bag coupon its pretty much a steal!

The guys with the minds behind the new resin terrain are also here, and I checked out some of their great pieces as well.

Resin Terrain

As you can see there, the hanger we saw a few days ago in all its brilliance. As well as that some extra pieces from them including the crates in the background and of course the massive and unmissable modular building pieces. You can build it high, low or however you want and they even have slide out glass so you don't get paint on it when making it.

Speaking of sliding things, those doors on the hanger...yep, they slide too.

Wrecked Vehicles Resin

Also a quick peek at the wrecked vehicles. As I mentioned to them, the detail is pretty great even for something that is going to be a wreck on the table.

The party style goodie-bag was pretty great too. Free sprue of some Forge Father miniatures to get you started on your Warpath journey.

There are also a lot of participation games going on, with plenty of amazingly well painted models.

Participation Games

Participation Games 2

But these Marauders have stolen the show for me at the moment, some great looking and indeed BLUE SKINNED Orcs!

Blue Orcs

Marauder Raptor

Fantastic looking army and really shows what you can do when you put your mind too it, making something original in a new game. Maybe its made you think about what your going to do with your Marauders and Forge Fathers when you get them ready?

I have mentioned of course plenty of stuff on twitter that I just couldn't get pictures of I'mย afraid! All locked away in the secret room, but take it from me the new Corporation, Kings of War and Dwarf Kings Hold artwork and models is looking amazingly good.

Will keep you updated throughout the day, and have more pictures for you soon!

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