A Sneaky Look at the Sneaky Veer-myn

March 23, 2012 by dracs

It waits in the shadows, ready to pounce out on the unwary. No I'm not talking about Warren. Check out these new and exclusive images Mantic provided us of the Veer-myn from Warpath!

First up are the basic Night Crawlers.

Veer-Myn Night Crawler

Veer-Myn Night Crawler 2

Veer-Myn Night Crawler 3

Andy is next door in the studio right now with Ronnie, so hopefully we should be able to bring you guys a hands on look at these space rodents soon.

Hot on the heels of the Night Crawler artwork is that for the Veer-myn elite. The Nightmares!

Veer-Myn Nightmares

Veer-Myn Nightmares 2

Veer-Myn Nightmares 3

The Nightmares are going to be the Veer-myn's real heavy hitters and I have been assured that they are good size bigger than their Night Crawler compatriots.

So any would-be Veer-Myn generals out there? What do you think of these pictures? Getting excited for the Nightmares?

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