Warpath Leak! Check out the Enforcer Captain

July 25, 2012 by brennon

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We have seen the rear of the Enforcers for the Corporation so far, but this leak from Mantic Games has revealed not just the front of one, but an Enforcer Captain! Check him out below in all his armoured glory...

Enforcer Captain

Now that is a properly good looking model. You can see influences of Forge Father armour on the legs and I like the little nod to Starcraft Marines with the neck guard. Check out a bit of Warpath fluff below...

"The officers of the Enforcers lead from the front. Taking to the field of battle in armour that is heavier than that of their men, they are able to shrug off a laser cannon shot, and their guns are powerful despite their compact nature. Enforcer Captains are generally observed operating on their own, without support staff, although it is certain that their superior wargear provides them with up-to-the-minute tactical information and communications gear."

You can read more about the Corporation here.

So will you be starting up a Corporation army with one of these mighty soldiers at the forefront?

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