What Changes will there be in the new Warpath Rulebook?

September 17, 2011 by crew

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Rulebook ChangesSo the Warpath Beta Rules have been available for a while now and we were keen to find out what changes Alessio had planned for the next generation rulebook, to be included in the Fate of Forgestar boxed set.

Alessio has taken on board much of the feedback from the community and compiled a quick bullet list of the proposed changes, along with a bit of commentary.

Proposed Rule Changes

The rules for charging will be updated.
The plan will be, that the charge move is a normal at the Double Movement rate and follows the normal rules for movement. This means you only get charging models into contact with targets if they can physically make it to them. Those that cannot make it are simply left behind, keeping normal unit coherency. This makes extricating themselves from combat perfectly fine.

The -1 to hit modifier against suppressed units has been removed
I decided this was kinda pointless, as normally you are suppressed only in your own turn and not the enemy’s.

Cover Distinctions
I have made the cover section easier to understand, based on feedback and I have now made a difference between soft cover (-1) and hard cover (-2).

Changes to the Nerve System
The Nerve system will now match the new and much slicker Kings of War Nerve system.

Vehicle Overruns
Armour moving at speed is never stopped by infantry, but can always move through the enemy/overrun.

Shooting against armour – obvious targets
When shooting at armoured units you get a +1 to hit. Also, armour models needs to have at least 50% of their model behind terrain in order to claim cover.

Shooting against Heroes/monsters – obvious targets
Same as armour (but the Individual rule now cancels this, see below).

Shooting against aircraft
When shooting at aircraft, ignore terrain and models in the way, so you always have LoS and they never get cover. I also removed the extra -1 to hit them.

Transports – dismounting
Units can dismount from moving transports (as long as the vehicle did not move at Full Speed).

Individuals are not Obvious Targets and have a -1 to be hit instead of
a -2.

Transports – open topped
Removed drawbacks from these. The low Defence is enough.

Infantry Bonus
I have increased the Nerve of Sections and Platoons.

Forgefathers Adjustments
Increased points cost, but alas due to popular demand, I was forced to nerf the Grizzlers.

I know... I know... Marauders will love me, Forgefathers will not, but believe me. A bit of fairness makes for a more enjoyable game.

Marauders Adjustments
With most of the rules changes benefiting the Marauders, they only require a few tweaks to bring them up to scratch. Mostly a point of Nerve here and there.

So tell me what you think and please comment below. I'll be reading them and remember, there's still time and your feedback may well still influence the updated rules.

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