New Wrecked Terrain from Mantic

November 8, 2011 by brennon

With Mantic Games' Warpath on the horizon and many of you probably planning a Forge Father or Marauder army, how about a few extra trinkets to make your generic gaming board much more 'Warpath'?

Marauder Raptor Wreckage

The first above is a Marauder Raptor wreckage marker, sculpted in resin and ideal for marking those destroyed vehicles on the battlefield. But there is also one for the Jotunn Hailstorm which you can see below...

Jotunn Hailstorm Wreckage

Another good looking piece, and right now at a very reasonable price. Both are going to be at a special Launch price of £7.99, only creeping up to £9.99 after this coming weekend. The people that crafted these, Vengeance Miniatures are also working on some pretty impressive big pieces for the Launch Party. Check out this work in progress Hanger...

Bring on the Warpath I say!

Will you be picking up some of the Wreckage Terrain for your gaming boards?

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