The ArcWorlde Kickstarter Launches!

August 1, 2013 by crew

I have been talking to Alex Huntley, the man behind Warploque Miniatures about himself, the company, his new Kickstarter and a group known as Brindie. This is the start of a journey following Alex through his Kickstarter journey and where it takes him!

Alex Huntley

I asked Alex to tell me a bit more about himself...

“Although I come from Yorkshire, I am at university in Nottingham, so I will be staying there throughout the duration of my Kickstarter. I am currently living with James from Infamy Miniatures while the halls at university are shut and I am the founder of Warploque Miniatures! We produce unique and characterful fantasy wargaming miniatures. On the 1st of August this year I will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund the release of my miniatures game, ArcWorlde, with a hardback book, and a range of models in both metal and resin!”

Alex talked about his Kickstarter and delved into the background for ArcWorld as well as the preparations he made leading up to its launch...

"ArcWorlde, is a skirmish tabletop game, set in the fantasy realm of ArcWorlde. Although you can play it with any amount of players, and any amount of models, it's usually with around fifteen models each, and features a model-by-model playing system.

Each player takes turns to activate one of their models, in whatever order they choose. When a Captain (the leader of the force) or Hero (the minor characters) are activated the controlling player may activate a number of other models at the same time if they wish to do so. Up to six friendly models within 6” of the Captain or Hero's base may be activated, performing their actions immediately as normal. In this way a player may co-ordinate their troops to attack their foes in waves but it comes at a price. Activating your models in larger groups can leave your opponent free reign at the end of the turn if all your models have acted.

Other unique aspects of ArcWorlde are smaller "side-quests" within the main game itself. These are entirely optional, and by no means an essential component of the ArcWorlde game, but they add flavour and fun if the players so wish! There are Forgotten Tombs, where the player can delve inside to uncover lost treasure, or terrible evil. There are the Epic Duels, where ANY of the models on the board can engage in mighty combat, fighting to the death for glory and prestige. There are many more work-in-progress side quests, which will be added to the rulebook if the Kickstarter does as well as I hope!

For my Kickstarter I will be selling, amongst other things, box sets of "starter warbands", with the option to add further models as the project progresses. The Kickstarter will begin with four initial warbands which include the Albionnican Empire, Halflings of Hobbleshire, Bayourks of the Cajon Swamplands and the Undead Pirates of the Black Coast, with 2 more being released if the Kickstarter goes well. "

ArceWorlde Logo

Alex then went on to talk about the main warbands that will be available at the launch of his Kickstarter:

“The Albionnican Empire is the largest power in ArcWorlde, with colonies in many of its lands. My main inspiration for the design of this warband was the British Empire in the 19th century, but if guns had never been invented. Since there is no gunpowder in ArcWorlde, they are still kitted out in plate armour, with crossbows instead of rifles"

Albion Warband #1

Albion Warband #2

"The Halflings of Hobbleshire are a sturdy folk, who's militia valiantly defend their borders against marauding warbands and monsters. These aren't the soft Halflings that you might find in other fantasy worlds, they are just as strong as men, tough as old oak, and are more than capable of fighting off anything that dares raid their lands!"

Halflings #1

Halfling #2

"The Bayourks of the Cajon Swamplands are huge hulking monsters, who hail from the deepest and darkest swamps of ArcWorlde. Their tribes range far and wide looking for loot, and are the scourge of the outlying settlements of the civilised countries. They are heavily influenced by the Deep South of the USA, with banjos, floppy hats, and multiple jugs of liquor!"

Bayourks #1

Bayourks #2

"The Undead Pirates of the Black Coast are the re-animated corpses of those men who have died at sea, banding together to raid and pillage both ships and the mainland of ArcWorlde. The fact that they are dead doesn't bother them that much, and they carry on in death pretty much as they did in life!"

Undead Warband #1

Undead Warband #2

The other two warbands... well... you will just have to see won't you?”

I went on to ask what preparations have you made for Kickstarter?

"Preparations? Well... sculpting all the miniatures for a start! All the models I have made for the Kickstarter I have sculpted within the last nine months, so with that alone I've been a very busy boy!

As well as that, I have created and designed the rulebook, and gone through countless hours of planning! Because this is my first Kickstarter I felt kind of overwhelmed at first, but everyone in Brindie has been so helpful and supportive! Alan from White Dragon Miniatures has done an amazing job casting up the resin masters of the miniatures, and Joe from JoeK Miniatures and James from Infamy Miniatures have put their considerable talents with a brush to good use by painting up some of the warbands for display! I have actually taken James on as my campaign manager, and he has been invaluable during the planning process!"

I have heard a little about Brindie could you tell me about how It all came about?

"Well, I shall answer. By ourselves we may find it difficult to organise shows, get publicity, or sort out a piss-up in a brewery but as a collective we help each other out. Each of us have individual skills which compliment each other nicely. James is the reluctant leader of the group ( as nobody else could be arsed to take the mantle) and his skills include being a dab hand with an airbrush, a self-diagnosed Kickstarter addict, and having a considerable aptitude for planning. Whilst James plans, Alan schemes away, deep within his Man Cave, filled with 3D printers and casting equipment. Whilst the rest of Brindie talk general bollocks in our Facebook or Skype chats, Alan watches on, only daining to contribute between his devious and secretive endeavours. This has carried on to the extent that he is now affectionately known as "Le Voyeur" - a particularly scathing name for a member of British Indie! (Note to French readers - We only jest, of course! We are only jealous of your wine, your food, and your stupidly talented sculptors! Grumble grumble...). Joe is yet another person who has a skill with a paintbrush, and is also bloody adorable! By far and away the cuddliest member of Brindie, his radiant smile, dashing good looks, and down to earth mentality keep the rest of us in check! As for me? Well, simply I am the sculpt-monkey! The only member of Brindie who sculpts any models in their own range, I am always on hand to help out with any artwork the other members need! Also, being the youngest member of the group, I liven up the old farts with tales of student life, daring adventures, and far too many late nights!”

As well as the launch of the Kickstarter one lucky person can win one of the pledge levels by heading over to the Warploque Miniatures Facebook Page.

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