Barbarians and Bayourks Storm out of Warploque Miniatures

October 29, 2012 by brennon

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The swamps of Warploque Miniatures are brimming with activity as the Bayourks and Krunk the Barbarian go to work. Check out these new miniature now on pre-order!


Bayourk Weapon Options

First up are the Bayourks, or Swamp Orcs. These cheeky chappies are ready to take over any Orc warband and come with a variety of different weapon options, including a mug of moonshine! I wonder what greenskin moonshine tastes like...

Krunk the Barbarian

Fighting against them is Krunk the Barbarian. This warrior comes with either a sword or club option as well as his battle axe. I love the comical style to these models, it reminds me a little of the world of Discworld. All the models have a nice sense of charm about them, even in something as barbaric as savage orcs!

Let me know if you'll be picking these up!

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