Fear The Day You Run Into The Beast Of War!

August 24, 2013 by brennon

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Warploque Miniatures are approaching their final week on the ArcWorlde Kickstarter and to celebrate it they have a whole host of new miniatures in the pipeline. There is one however that is more epic than all the rest. Prepare for The Beast of War!

The Beast of War

"Hailing from the dark lands of Gaulag, beyond the Eastern Jernpeak Mountains, The Beast of War is a mysterious but infamous horseman. Clad in the thickest, mightiest iron plate and hefting weapons so great that no mortal man should be able to wield them, he rides into combat upon a gigantic armoured stallion.

Little is known of his origin or his allegiance, but his martial prowess is a sight to behold. Tales tell of his conquests – the slaying of the Fell Drake Ironhide; single-handedly scything down an entire warband of marauding Bayourks; roaming the wilds for a month without sleep or rest, surviving only on the ale he constantly quaffs…

It matters not which tales are true. If you encountered the Beast you would not doubt them. Besides, few who find themselves in the presence of this titanic warrior remain attached to their head for long.

He is the living embodiment of badassery!"

Now if that ain't cool I don't know what is! We love the artwork and have to send out a special thank you to Alex Huntley for including us in his vision!
He will be useable in your games of ArcWorlde and further down the line we should be seeing how he comes together as a miniature too. As well as The Beast of War a whole host of other models are coming to the fundraiser.
The B Team

Captain BrindieWhen you're in trouble you know who to call. Well, maybe not these guys but I guess they will do until the A-Team turns up. The campaign is going from great, to greater and we know that you're all going to be including The Beast of War in your games right?

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