Pre-Order the Rare Cocklegriff from Warploque Miniatures

May 21, 2012 by brennon

You've heard of Hippogriffs and Cockatrice but have you heard of the Cocklegriff? Well head down to Hobbleshire where Warploque Miniatures have unleashed one for Pre-Order!

Cocklegriff (Front)

Cocklegriff (Size Comparison)

Cocklegriff (Rear)

I have to say that this beast is looking rather impressive. What's good about this miniature is that despite the fact its the head of a Cockerel the model isn't comedic. It has managed to retain a serious tone making it look like a deadly foe! After all, these are the mounts the Halflings of Hobble shire use when going to war!

Be quick if you want one though, they are running out fast!

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