Warploque Show Off Fantastical Creatures For ArcWorlde

April 17, 2013 by brennon

Warploque Miniatures are working hard on ArcWorlde and below are two new pieces of artwork for some of the creatures that could be inhabiting this fantasy world. Check them out...


Summoned SkyRay

Above you have the Gluhwurn and Summond SkyRay, each fascinating creatures in their own right. The Gluhworm is a cave dwelling wyvern creature that lures prey towards it using its bio-luminescence before stunning them with a flash of light.

The Summoned SkyRay might look a lot more pleasant when compared to the Gluhworm but they are predators of the sky that swim around in packs. When they attack they descend from the skies to drain the life force from their prey.

Do you think you'd like to see them in miniature form?

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