Warploque’s First WTFF Players Step Onto The Football Pitch

February 22, 2018 by dracs

Warploque have revealed the first two players for their new range of Warp Team Fantasy Football miniatures. First, we have a brave halfling from the Ram Raiders.


I make no secret of my love of Halflings. I love this little guy, who is ready to make a game of it. But what is his helmet crest?

Meanwhile, star Damned United player, Count Otto von Marlo, is ready to make a snack of the wee halfling.

Count Von Marlo

This guy is everything a star vampire player should be; poised, arrogant, and ready to go for the throat. However, I do question the wisdom of capes on the football pitch, that must be a health and safety violation.

Which of these two catches your eye?

"I do question the wisdom of capes on the football pitch..."

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