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Avatars Of War Show Off First 9th Age Hero, Sunna


Designed with The 9th Age Rules in mind we have the first hero from Avatars of War for their growing Fantasy range. Here we have Sunna with her flaming sword.

Avatars Of War’s Apocalyptic Warriors Swing Their Great Weapons


Avatars Of War have shown off some more previews of how their Warriors of the Apocalypse with Great Weapons are shaping up.

A Champion Of War & Adventuring Heroes From Avatars Of War


Avatars Of War have added a new Champion Of War to their range of Apocalypse characters which will be slaughtering hordes of foes in the field...

Avatars Of War Tease Chaotic Warriors With Great Weapons


A new plastic regiment is in the works from Avatars Of War for their Warthrone Of Saga world and of course any Fantasy adventure you'd like to embark upon...

New Heroes Fight For Glory In Avatars Of War


Two new characters are coming out to fight for the armies of Avatars of War. First up we have the Grand Redemptor Of Rayviel who looks like he might be out to make sure his religious fervour infects your every action...

Warthrone Brings A Master Mason & A Lady Of War To Battle


Avatars Of War have added a pair of new heroes to their line for Warthrone. Both slender and stout are the order of the day here with both the Lady of War and the Dwarf Master Mason taking different outlooks on conflict...

Avatar Of War’s Plastic Marauders Of The Apocalypse Go To Battle


A brand new regiment of Avatars Of War plastics has hit the webstore for those followers of the Apocalypse. See what you think of these Marauders for Warthrone and hand weapons and shields ready to sunder armour!

New Marauders On The Warpath From Avatars Of War


Avatars Of War have previewed a new Warthrone unit, the Marauders of the Apocalypse which will be raiding and pillaging their way across the land soon.

New Wizards & Armoured Knights From Avatars Of War


Avatars of War start to expand upon their human range with two new models for use in Warthrone. The Cirlean Imperial Wizard and Knight of Drumminor are looking fantastic and would work as great characters to lead an army into battle or as role-playing heroes in their own right.

Avatars Of War’s Warthrone Now Available In English!


Avatars of War have now added their Warthrone Rules including the armies of the Cirlean Empire, Dwarfs, Legions of the Apocalypse, Goblins and Dark Elves to their website. If you were won over by their models and now want to delve into the rules then now is the time.

Avatars Of War Call On New Heroes For The Arena & The Battlefield


Avatars of War have three heroes ready to fight on both the battlefields of the Arena AND those of distant shores. Will you be picking up another gladiator or a general for your army?

Two Mighty Heroes Join The Avatars Of War Apocalypse


Will you be rallying behind these new heroes coming out for Avatars of War and their armies of the Apocalypse in Warthrone?

Avatars Of War Marauders March With Their New Champion


Begin the long march down from the North with these burly Marauders of the Apocalypse and their mighty Champion from Avatars of War!

Join The Swordsman Of Arguntia From Avatars Of War


Try out pistols and sword with the new leaders of the Cirlean army thanks to Avatars of War.

The Champion Of Gollnir Defends His King For Avatars Of War


When you need your king protecting you train the best of the best. This is who the Champion of Gollnir is from Avatars of War for Warthrone!

Avatars Of War’s Dwarf Doomcrushers Get Ready To Scrap


The King needs protecting and the Dwarf Doomcrushers are the ones to do it. See what you think of this new unit from Avatars of War.

Avatars Of War’s Dark Elf Becomes The Mother Of Dragons


Will you be bowing down and paying tribute to the Dark Elf Princess with Dragonette from Avatars of War?

Avatars Of War Release Their Spiffing Lord Of Castria


If you like the idea of a Spanish themed force for the fantasy tabletop then look no further than the forces of Castria from Avatars of War.

A Dark Elf Nemesis & Her Entourage From Avatars Of War


See what you think of these deadly looking Dark Elves which have been led into battle by their Concubine by Avatars of War.

The Black Shadow of Dark Elves Falls Over Avatars of War


As you may have seen, the next army Avatars of War is working on for Warthrone is the Dark Elves, the first of which have just appeared. Fear the stealthy blade of the Black Shadows.

Avatars Of War Show Off Guardians & Dragon Bloods


Check out some axe wielding badasses and a bipedal dragon Avatars of War.

A Dire Harpy Swoops In From Avatars Of War


Check out a deadly new female that will be leading mighty Harpies into battle on the fields of Warthrone.

Get Tinkering With Avatar Of Wars’ Dwarf Master Gunner


Check out another awesome character model coming out of Avatars of War for their Warthrone game and of course any Fantasy adventure that takes your fancy!

New Warthrone Heroes Get Their Avatars Of War


Check out some new heroes for the world of Warthrone by Avatars of War. Which of the three is your favourite?

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