Tortured Souls Are Closing In As Infernal Kickstarter Enters Final Days

June 25, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

The Tortured Souls are closing in as the Infernal Kickstarter from Wartorn Games enters it's final days.

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If you are a fan of the horror genre, then this game should be at the top of your list. The Gates of Hell have opened, spilling forth evil that consumes much of London. A select few have taken it upon themselves to try to regain their city- or at least survive in it.

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The game is filled with a host of incredible horrors with a rich, gruesome storyline that is sure to get your attention. To make my point, here's a snippet or two of the character background for Dr. Goodall and Ms. Neith. Both started off "normal" enough...

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"Professionally a brilliant man, Dr Goodall was hugely influential in the field of virology. Consulting all over the world, even advised the government during the Ebola crisis. The more deadly the infection, the more he enjoyed working with it. In the lab, it was like watching a composer at work. As though he could predict how a virus moved like the flow of music.

He was a quiet, unassuming man, devoted to his work. His lab was his home, his test subjects his children, and his assistant his victim."

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"Ms. Neith, she was a lovely girl, a teacher.  Someone you could look up to, and an all around good person. Her hobbies included long walks in the park, going to the theater, dining at Italian restaurants and movies- the old black and white ones, you know, the classics...until the gates of Hell opened up.

She was too close to the gateway when it opened and in her lunch break, she was possessed. Before she fully turned into the tortured soul, she made her way back to her classroom to teach. But instead her poor pupils were treated to the sight of her body warping and shifting into the host for the first tortured soul in London.

She then began to devour their delicate souls... In the short time that followed, she had completely changed from Miss Neith into the monster that we now all refer to as "Spider Bitch."  The responding Dagger Team gave her that name, as they investigated the classroom she had escaped from.

The only thing she left behind was the desiccated corpses wrapped in thick ropes of spider silk stuck into the corners of the classroom ceiling. Spider Bitch is currently responsible for the deaths of countless civilians and at least three Dagger Teams that we know of."

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There's still time to get in on the Infernal Kickstarter. When the tortured souls break through, you'll want to have your Dagger Teams together- that is unless you want to be on the other team...

Will you be taking this terrifying game for a spin?

"The game is filled with a host of incredible horrors with a rich, gruesome storyline that is sure to get your attention..."

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