Alakhai Ascendant Hits The Battlefield For Warzone!

July 5, 2015 by brennon

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The mighty Alakhai of the Dark Legion has become more mighty than ever before. Alakhai Ascendant is the new model from Prodos Games for Warzone: Resurrection and stands at an impressive 88mm tall. Talk about heroic proportions (or should it be villainous?)

Mightier Than Ever!

Let's find out more about him...

Alakhai Ascendant #1

"His victories in his dark master’s name are countless and the very mention of him is enough to weaken the resolve of any army sent into battle against him. His forces have nearly routed the Corporations for hundreds of miles of the dense Venusian jungle that surrounds his citadel; only a handful of scattered Special Forces remain to challenge him.

Recently, he launched a devastating attack against the heavily-fortified city of Volksburg. His host swept over the hardened redoubts that guarded the city, washing over them in a tide of dark symmetry and undeath."

Alakhai Ascendant #2

Alakhai Ascendant #3

The model is rather insane looking and in a great way. The armour is covered in incredible details like the grooves and Dark Legion symbol etched onto the front. The sword continues the same level of detail and matches his armour.

His helmet has something of the old school 80's villain and his cloak is a lord among other cloaks. If there was going to be a prize for the most billowing cloak then I think he'd get it.

A fantastic model to lead your force!

"If there was going to be a prize for the most billowing cloak then I think he'd get it..."

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