Cybertronic’s Poster Boy Joins Warzone Resurrection

January 12, 2015 by dracs

Prodos Games have two new releases lined up for this month, the first of which is ready to dazzle us all with his Cybertronic brilliance: the fifth megacorp's poster boy, Pieter Diamond!

Pieter Diamond

Pieter was once the best and brightest of Bauhaus, but was betrayed by his protégé Paulo Kilermann. raised from the dead by Cybertronic, he has become the media darling of the megacorporation, leading the Mirrorman Squad in battle as a glittering example of the best of Cybertronic.

The rules for Pieter can be found in the Heroes of the Solar System pdf, letting you take this hero of Cybertronic as a unique upgrade for your Mirrorman Squad Commander.

Pieter Diamond Hero Entry

Pieter's battlefield expertise and Mirrorman tech make him a formidable threat for the enemy to deal with, his mirrorshard infused shield making him particularly tough and reflecting attacks back at those daring to stand against Cybertronic.

Will you bring Pieter Diamond to lead your Cybertronic Mirrormen in Warzone Resurrection?

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