Grab Objective Markers & Card Packs For Warzone Resurrection!

July 10, 2014 by dracs

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Prodos Games have announced a new resources section of their webstore, letting you pick up the cards and markers you need for your games of Warzone Resurrection.

Resource cards are an integral part of the game, and are now available separately themed after each individual faction.

Imperial Resource Cards

Brotherhood Resource Card

Bauhaus Resource Card

Cybertronic Resource Card

Each of the resource cards represent the various production centres of the different factions, all shown in excellent artwork, which can be used to let your miniatures enact their abilities.

Along with their resource cards, each of the factions now have their own personalised objective markers.

Dark Legion Objective Markers

Imperial Objective Markers

Mishima Objective Markers

Capitol Objective Markers

These markers help to personalise the game and keep track of the various game developments.

The introduction of this new resource page means that players can now pick up resource cards and faction specific markers as needed, and will provide a dedicated page for other such resources to arrive from Prodos in the future.

Would any of these be useful to bring into your games?

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