Get a Glimpse at Mishima Technology in Warzone Resurrection

September 4, 2013 by dracs

More and more of the miniatures for the new game Mutant Chronicles Warzone Resurrection have been appearing. We have already seen the Ronin of the Mishima Corp. Now we get to see some of the tech that they will be taking  with them. Check out their awesome Meka!

Mishima Meka and Ronin

This sculpt has a very sleek design to it, which makes it instantly recognisable from the more frantic aesthetics of the other factions. The design is very clean with clear detailing making this a pretty cool miniature and a good centre piece for your Mishima force. I for one am really looking forward to when we get to see these Mishima miniatures painted up.

Are any of you siding with Mishima for Warzone Resurrection?

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