The Icarus Screams In From Prodos Games For Warzone!

September 25, 2014 by brennon

If you fancy some air support when you live in the world of Warzone: Resurrection then you're going to probably be calling in one of these if you work for the Brotherhood. See what you think of these preview images of the Icarus Jetfighter from Prodos Games...

Brotherhood Icarus

Brotherhood Icarus (Alt)

Now that's one awesome looking piece of kit and you can see both the top and bottom of the craft. The bottom of it carries a front mounted gun as well as a pair of bombs and two massive gatling guns strapped under the wings. A lot of firepower, but more is clearly better!

A very cool looking craft that skirts the line between modern aircraft and those of the apocalyptic future. I'm a big fan of the shape of the wings. No doubt this is going to be as utterly devastating in the game as the other big pieces of kit for various factions.

The Icarus should become available to order within the next couple of weeks!

What do you think of it?

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