A Leader For Warzone’s Mishima & Cybertronic’s Mirrormen!

August 22, 2013 by brennon

Warzone: Resurrection is playing host to two new previews. Thankfully those of you who aren't fans of the Mishima will be pleased to know that the Cybertronic army is getting some love too. Check out both Nozaki and the Mirrormen for these factions...

Nozaki of Mishima

First up we have the very deadly looking Nozaki who I have heard other people say "Yes-Zaki!" too in the comments on Facebook. He certainly looks like a dangerous individual running forwards with his katana to bisect an enemy.


On a completely different path we have the Mirrormen for Cybertronic. These are some odd looking fellows indeed and while I like the look, almost like xenomorphs from Alien, the stance seems a little weird. I think I'd need to see these guys on bases before I decided on them.

Overall though it looks like Warzone is going from strength to strength and hopefully the Cybertronic will get more fancy updates!

What faction have you allied with?

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