Miniatures Both Big & Small Come To Warzone In August!

August 15, 2014 by brennon

You will have seen us preview these miniatures in render form but this August marks more releases for Prodos Games' Warzone: Resurrection! See what you think of the Black Widow, Guardian Oblati and the Iron Lady out now!

Dark Legion Black Widow

Brotherhood Guardian Oblati

Capitol Iron Lady

The Black Widow is a terrifying beast that will be crawling over your tanks and tearing them to shreds while also laying down withering amounts of firepower across the battlefield at your infantry. If you have some undead to deal with then you can't go too wrong with the Guardian Oblati who look like superb paladins of awesome prowess!

Rounding things off there's the Iron Lady for Capitol forces. You know you've got a good medic when she's wearing a massive shield and looks like she could break your jaw as well as mend it.

Quite the selection!

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