Mishima Meka & Doomtroopers Hit The Field In Warzone

July 31, 2013 by brennon

Prodos Games are continuing to pump out the miniatures for Warzone and this week we've got some fancy looking previews! Have a butchers at the massive Mishima Meka and the Doomtrooper!

Imperial Doomtrooper

Mishima Meka

Now those are some nice models! The Doomtrooper has both a chainripper and gun version but to be honest why would you take anything other than that epic weapon!

As for the Mishima Meka it has a nice stance and I like the sleeker design on this one. The arm blade is a nice classic addition and it looks like a cross between something from Metal Gear Solid and Ghost in the Shell.

Are these going to be part of your Warzone collection?

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