The Multi-Armed Shiryo-X Coming To Warzone Resurrection!

July 14, 2014 by brennon

Warzone: Resurrection from Prodos Games isn't finished with you yet don't you worry. As well as the Demon Hunters which are now out, and the new and improved Vulkan Walker stomping across the landscape I think it's time for a heroic individual. Check out Shiryo-X!

Shiryo-X Demon Hunter of Mishima

Shiryo-X is a deadly warrior with both his rather awesome looking pole-arm style weapon and that deadly katana by his side. Twin that with the skull shaped death dealer to his side and you have a warrior that is essentially a living weapon.

I do love these suits they've made for Mishima and they are still one of the coolest looking factions in the game. When you end up with leaders like this as well it's hard not to love them! I still think it's a toss up between Mishima and Dark Legion for me as a second faction for the game.

What do you think to Shiryo-X?

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