Prodos Game’s Warzone Resurrection Goes Full Retail!

May 20, 2014 by brennon

Prodos Games had some pretty exciting news late on Monday. They've gone full retail with their Mutant Chronicles Warzone Resurrection line-up and here is a bit of a peek at what they've got available at the moment!

Brotherhood Starter

Cybertronic Starter

First up we have two starter sets for the Brotherhood and the Cybertronic factions. Each set has some amazing looking miniatures in it and it would be hard to choose which one of them you'd pick up. I think Brotherhood would win out slightly even if they Cybertronic big guy is awesome.


Mishima Dragon Riders

Heavy Infantry

Etoiles Mortant

Brotherhood Close Combat Troops

Blessed Vestal Laura

As well as the starter sets they have also delved into a mass of infantry additions. Those Heavy Infantry are some of the coolest looking miniatures I think I've ever seen and it's hard to pass up some chain-blade wielding maniacs!

If you're interested in getting something a bit more exotic you could look at the Mishima Dragon Riders (second from top). Not something I thought would appear in Warzone but cool none-the-less!

Will you be buying some?

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