Prodos’ Imperials Sneer at Road Safety in Their Necromower

March 24, 2015 by dracs

Prodos have published another preview teasing a new miniature that will be available at this year's Salute. This time the Imperials are getting a vehicle that many fans have been waiting for. Try not to get in the way of the new Necromower.


As the name suggests, the Necromower is the perfect vehicle for mowing your way through the advancing troops of the undead, it's massive Gatling gun making short work of the ranked Necromutants and Legionnaires sent to war by the Dark Symmetry.

Even in this preview, we can get the impression of a particularly bulky mini. The pilot is surrounded by a massive roll cage, with the bolted on bits of metal providing a bit more protection. It certainly offers more protection than the previous version of the Necromower.


That looks like someone just stuck a massive machine gun to the side of a kid's go-cart. This new one should prove to be a bit sturdier.

Be sure to look out for this new Imperial vehicle at this year's Salute.

"It's massive Gatling gun makes short work of the ranked Necromutants."

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