Prodos Show Off What They’re Taking to Essen

October 14, 2014 by dracs

If you watched the Weekender last week, you will know that Prodos Games are bringing out a new Bauhaus Starter set for Warzone Resurrection at this year's Essen Spiel. However, it turns out that's not all they have as they show off a couple of the other new releases they'll be bringing.

First, we get a better look at the miniatures in the new Bauhaus starter set.

Bauhaus Starter Set

With this look at the actual miniatures, we can see the level of detail on the designs a bit more clearly. There is a marked improvement in these to the previous starter set, and the horserider looks even cooler than he did in the render.

These aren't the only new goodies Bauhaus are getting, as their famed Venusian Rangers have also received new sculpts.

Venusian Rangers

These guys, complete with their booby trap toke, look really imposing, with their sinister flowing cloaks giving them a great sense of motion, while the variety in available poses and equipment helps to make the individuals.

Finally, Cybertronic isn't going without love as their Mirrormen have also got new sculpts available.

Cybertronic Mirrormen

These versions look a lot sturdier than their previous iteration, and Prodos have done away with the off-putting splayed leg stances they had before. Just compare them with this image and see the improvement.


Prodos are also coming out with new sculpts for the Bauhaus Vorreiters, but unfortunately there are no photos of these new sculpts as they are currently in the process of casting.


All of these, along with the rest of the Warzone Resurrection range and samples of AvP: The Hunt Begins, will be appearing at Essen Spiel. However, for those of us who can't make we need not despair as they have already been released on the Prodos Webstore.

What do you think of these new sculpts? Are they an improvement over the previous ones? Will you be checking Prodos out at Essen Spiel?

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