Prodos Show Off The First Wave Of Warzone For December!

November 28, 2014 by brennon

The first wave of releases for December have popped up from Prodos Games for Warzone Resurrection and now we can put some names to the different miniatures coming your way!

Hurricane Walker Gun Nest

Nasca Razides

First up we have the Gun Nest for the Hurricane Walker that we'd seen before alongside some more rather cool additions to the Dark Legion with the Nasca Razides. I am continually tempted to just jump back into Warzone as the Legion since I want to try out some cool mutant paint schemes on all of that foul skin!


Screaming Devil

Rounding things off for the first preview for December there's some additional miniatures for Mishima with both Shiryo-X and the Screaming Devil leaping into combat with their rather awesome armour and katanas. I really like the look of Mishima as a faction but I've heard from friends that they have a bit of the finesse army about them and can be hard to play at times.

What do you think of these first few offerings?

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