Prodos Get Your Templates & Tokens Sorted for Warzone!

June 24, 2014 by brennon

Prodos Games have released their Tokens & Templates onto their webstore. Not only are these used for Warzone: Resurrection but when AvP eventually launches they will work with that too so you can even do a bit of planning ahead!

Templates & Status Tokens

Structure Point Damage Tokens

Wound Tokens

Above you have the templates for various blast weapons as well as some status and effect tokens that will help with the book keeping. You have the same for vehicle below that when it comes to structure points and those all important blood shaped wound tokens for when you take damage on characters.

Blood Red & Black D20

They have also added some different sets of D20 onto the website so if you're lacking in dice for the game you can go and pick some up. They have some nifty colours up there and this one just happened to be my favourite of the lot.

With templates and tokens now fully available to all you have everything you need to start playing Warzone: Resurrection and preparing for AvP!

What do you think of the token design?

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