Bauhaus Don Vulkan Battlesuit & Mishima Go Demon Hunting

July 11, 2014 by dracs

The might of Bauhaus is growing in Warzone Resurrection as their massive armoured Vulkan Battlesuit stomps into stock on their webstore.


Vulkan Back

Vulkan Ranged

Vulkan Art

The Vulkan Battlesuit is also available as part of the Bauhaus Starter Box, but this new version features added touches of detail, as well as the option to load it out for either close combat or ranged fighting.

Bauhaus Starter Box

The Vulkan is controlled by a single pilot, whose head can be seen poking out of the top. While the tiny head in comparison with the rest of the model looks a bit cartoonish, there can be no denying just how effective the model is, conveying the harsh, industrial style of the Bauhaus faction.

However, Bauhaus aren't going to have it all their own way as the Mishima corporation have just received the new models of their awesome multi-limbed Demon Hunters.

Demon Hunters

Demon Hunters Back

Demon Hunters Back

The Demon Hunters are samurai in special high-tech battlesuits which utilise tech shared by the Cybertronic corporation. They were set up to help combat the threat of the Dark Legion and are able to wade into combat, their multiple limbs swinging katanas around them and slicing through any enemy who gets too close.

What do you think of Bauhaus' most powerful battlesuit? Will Mishima's Demon Hunters help you deal with the Darkness?

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