Warzone Take The Path Of The Wandering Ronin

June 25, 2013 by brennon

Warzone: Resurrection has a plethora of fantastic looking factions and one of them is the Mishima. What do you think of this updated 3D sculpt for the Ronin Samurai?

Mishima Ronin Samurai

This mighty warrior looks awesome as a cyber-samurai with that ace looking rifle and updated yet traditional looking armour. Despite having taken the path of the Ronin I bet it won't take him long to be snapped up by an enterprising warlord.

The Mishima have the unique feel to them and follow the same codes of duty and honour they would have done in the past. What struck me, while I was reading the fluff, was that they settled Mercury!

While this is still in the early stages of production I can't wait to see it painted. I've seen some of the other work they've done in the past and it should be ace!

Is this the faction for you?

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