Warzone Powers Up An Orca & Is Set For Armoured Commander!

January 26, 2015 by brennon

Prodos Games have not only shown off their new look Orca but also announced that a stand alone expansion/rules set is popping up in February which allows you to bring a lot of armour to bear! Would you pick up Warzone Resurrection: Armoured Commander?


This Orca is packed out with a whole range of guns on its arms, shoulders and head. You can't really fault them for under-arming their men in Warzone can you? It's a very cool design and while not overly practical looking it does fit into the over the top world of Warzone very well. A big fan even though I don't like fighting against the Capitol!

Armoured Commander is going to include a new Offensive Organisation Chart which allows you to play with vehicle-based Overlords alongside new weapons and equipment. There will even be new missions and environmental effects to deal with too.

Fancy rolling out all those big tanks and walkers more often?

Let us know!

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