Warzone Resurrection Goes Multi-Lingual with Mega Decks

January 15, 2015 by dracs

Prodos Games have got some exciting news for fans of Warzone Resurrection the world over as they begin working on translating the rules into multiple languages and plan on bringing players full mega decks for each of the factions.

Coming Soon for Warzone Resurrection

Warzone Resurrection can be played as either Basic or Advanced, with Advanced adding the use of Strategic, Tactical and Gear cards, with each faction getting about 100 in total.

However, Prodos have said that unfeasible to include these in every blister and starter set, so they will be removing them and making them available as free downloads.

Advanced Cards

For those of you who prefer physical copies though, Prodos are planning to come out with full Mega Decks, containing the cards needed for Advanced play with their respective factions. The cards themselves have also been resized so that they'll fit in conventional card sleeves. This is definitely a good move as any card game player knows the sorrow of uncovered cards getting beer spilled on them.

Do you think this is a good move on Prodos' part?

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