Warzone Resurrection Sees Wave Two Of Its Monthly Releases

December 3, 2014 by brennon

Prodos Games have shown off the second wave of releases for this month in Warzone: Resurrection. This time they're bringing out the big guns for Bauhaus and sending in the Crimson Devils...

Baron Von Jaeger

Bauhaus Artillery Corp

First up we have the Bauhaus led by Baron Von Jaeger. Accompanying him to the battlefield we have the Artillery Korp who will be using those guns to bring down all manner of walkers and tanks and heavy infantry that threaten your lines. Not so sure on the new strain of foot-on-rock syndrome which has now become a weapon of some kind but other than that Von Jaeger is looking very detailed.

Crimson Devils

Nasca Razides Weapon Pack

On the other side of the coin we have the Mishima Crimson Devils which are looking amazing. The detail is spot on and I love their slime line suits of armour and those helmets look epic. If you're looking for alternative weapons for your Nasca Razides as well then you can also pick up a weapon pack for them.

What will you be picking up?

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