The Chieftain of Warzone’s Wolfbanes Comes to Salute

March 30, 2015 by dracs

Last week, Prodos previewed the Wolfbanes, a new close combat squad for the Imperials of Warzone Resurrection. Yet as imposing as they are they pale in comparison to their leader, who Prodos will be bringing with them to Salute this year.

High Chieftain Morten Oakenfist

High Chieftain Morten Oakenfist is a former Warhound. With his massive hammer and wild appearance, he is the epitome of everything that characterises the Wolfbanes.

Morten Oakenfist

Even in these small glimpses we get of the character, it is easy to tell that Prodos have come up with something entirely new for him. He stands out from all the other heroes who have so far appeared and even from among the rest of the Imperials. Morten is sure to be a smashing hit (badum tsh) when he appears at Salute 2015.

Are you an Imperial player? Would you pick up High Chieftain Morten Oakenfist, or does he not match with your play style?

"Morten is the epitome of everything that characterises the Wolfbanes."

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