Go M.A.D. Over Our First Glimpse at ThunderChild’s Game Cards

January 15, 2015 by dracs

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ThunderChild are continuing to work towards making their post-apocalyptic game Wasteman a reality once it hits Kickstarter. Their latest preview shows off the M.A.D. cards, a reportedly integral part of the game itself.

M.A.D. Cards

These cards give us our first indication as to the mechanics of the game, though the preview here doesn't give us any ideas as to how the cards themselves are implemented into the upcoming game.

However, I do love the artwork that ThunderChild seem to be going for with these. The designs are all reminiscent of classic b-movie scifi of the sort that informs much of the Fallout games and matches well with the pulpy style we have seen in the miniatures that have already appeared.

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