ThunderChild Brave Kickstarter’s Wastelands With Wasteman!

March 9, 2015 by dracs

We have been seeing the various weird and wonderful creations of ThunderChild Miniatures for a few months, but now those strange denizens of a post-apocalyptic world are heading to Kickstarter with the launch of their game Wasteman.

Brawl Pledge Contents

Wasteman is a game using between 5-20 hand sculpted models which stand at 35mm scale. Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, Wasteman is reminiscent of all the classic pulp games and comics, from Judge Dredd to the Fallout series, to create a game setting that looks frantic, crazy and a lot of fun.

Posse Pack

In Wasteman, players build their own syndicates from the the waste's occupants, ranging from revolting Cybjorgs to mutated Mangle Men and the mysterious Lunar Coalition.


Lunar Coalition

The game features some interesting mechanics. Players activate their models individually, in a manner similar to many skirmish games we are familiar with. However, Wasteman features the interesting addition that once a syndicate falls below five figures then they become desperate, removing this activation restriction and opening the game up to moments of desperate heroism.

For me though, the most intriguing part of the game has to be the MAD cards.

Wasteman MAD Cards

Each player has five of these beautiful cards and can play them at any time to add a level of insanity to the game. Examples include having the enemy leader be abducted by aliens or hitching a lift on a tornado.

In terms of the miniatures, while I would not say ThunderChild's are the greatest sculpts I have seen, I am loving the sheer crazy imagination on display here. The game features some fantastic figures that will be appearing with the help of this Kickstarter.

Wasteman Add Ons

This isn't even taking into account the massive Behemoths which will be stomping over the wasteland and your syndicate with equal ease.



Rad Dragon

Wasteman is a game which, I think, has a lot of potential going for it. It blends a classic, retro pulp style with some imaginative new creations and a well presented set up. Hopefully, this Kickstarter will give it the funds it needs to get off the ground and bring us more weird creatures.

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"I am loving the sheer crazy imagination on display here."

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"Wasteman is a game which, I think, has a lot of potential going for it"

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