Watchful I Studio To Bring A Stunning Terracotta War Dragon To Life

April 17, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

Watchful I Studio is heading to Kickstarter next month with their Terracotta Army project.

WES dragon1

As if the theme of this project wasn't cool enough - 28mm terracotta warriors including infantry, cavalry, chariots, officers, and war machines, there will also be monsters from Chinese Myth and Legend!

WES dragon2

Check out this stunning Terracotta War Dragon! This is the perfect example of a piece I never knew I needed until now- and I need it.

WES terracotta-kickstarter_orig

The Terracotta Army Kickstarter will launch on May 15th, so look out for this one for some wonderful 28mm minis.

Will you be adding a Terracotta War Dragon to your collection?

"The Terracotta Army Kickstarter will launch on May 15th..."

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