Watchful I Bring the Armies of China’s Warring States to Kickstarter

March 23, 2015 by dracs

Watchful I Studio have launched a new Kickstarter with the aim to bring out a full army based around the forces of China's Warring States and Qin Dynasty.

Officer's Chariot

The armies of ancient China have a unique style to them, especially when compared to the Western forces that were present during the same time period. Watchful I are seeking to accurately recreate these soldiers and officers in true proportion 28mm scale miniatures.

Chinese Light Infantry

The Kickstarter includes a wide range of different miniature types, ranging from standard infantry and cavalry to more iconic character models.

General on Foot

Xiongnu Cavalry Unit

My favourite of the ones to have appeared so far is without doubt  the Drunken Master, one of the two Kickstarter heroes that are available to certain pledge levels.

Kickstarter Heroes

I would definitely use that as a monk for DnD.

While Watchful I are making this army as a historically accurate force, they aren't neglecting some of the rich fantasy elements that can be drawn upon from Chinese folklore.

Fu Dogs

Terracotta Soldiers

Of course, there is one part of Asian mythology that we cannot be without and I am sure Lloyd will be very happy to see that it has appeared as a stretch goal. A Chinese dragon!


Given how much I love Asian culture, it should be no surprise that I like the look of this Kickstarter campaign. While I think the crowd-funding page itself could use a little work to better show off the minis, the idea of fielding a historically accurate Chinese army and perhaps including some of China's mythical monsters is very tempting.

Do you think you will chip in on this Kickstarter?

"The armies of ancient China have a unique style to them, especially compared to Western forces during the same time."

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