Blackball Games Reboot AE-WWII: European Theatre

November 27, 2012 by brennon

Blackball Games are looking to reboot the Alternate Events - World War II: European Theatre game and they have put together a Kickstarter Campaign to help get them the funding they need. Check out some of the miniatures below...

American Starter Set

British Starter Set

German Starter Set

Above are some of the Starter Sets for the game, looking into the weird and wonderful world of war. They are certainly drawing on a lot of cool mythos for this game, and its especially good seeing the Greenman on the British side!

American Experimental Detachment

If you're looking for even more of an expansion to your weird world war then they also have a selection of Experimental Detachments to help. You can check out all of the fantastic looking miniatures on their Kickstarter page.

Also grab the Quick Start Rules & The Kickstarter Campaign Mission so you can try the game out for yourself!

The money will all go towards publishing a new rulebook, remodeling the miniatures and anything left over will just allow them to add more to the vision.

Do you think you will go pledge?

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