Frankenstein’s Army Really Turns Up The Weird World War Factor

July 18, 2013 by brennon

There have been a fair few Weird World War horror films out in the past and Frankenstein's Army looks to be right in that vein. Check out the Red Band trailer above (parental guidance on this one guys!) and see what you think...

Frankenstein's Army

"In the waning days of World War II, a battalion of Russian soldiers find themselves lost in enemy territory. Stumbling upon a village decimated by an unseen terror, they discover that a mad scientist (Hellboy's Karel Roden) conducts experiments to fuse flesh and steel, creating an unstoppable army of undead soldiers. Leaderless and faced with dissension amongst their dwindling ranks, they must find the courage to face down an altogether new menace -- or die trying."

Sounds like the kind of film that would kick off some ideas for Warren's WWW love? It'd be great to see people using some of the Bolt Action range to get this film into miniature form. I reckon it would work very well indeed!

Even if the film sucks you'll still be able to get a little inspiration from it! The film will be in select theatres and on demand via the internet on July 26th.

What do you think of it?

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