Expand Games of Werewolf as a Full Moon Rises on Kickstarter

July 30, 2014 by dracs

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Werewolf is, arguably, one of my favourite card games and I have been running it in various forms for years. Now a fellow fan of the game has come up with his own awesome cards for the game, and is seeking to expand it further on Kickstarter.


The Werewolf: Full Moon Expansion brings a selection of new characters for people to include in their games. Some of these I have come across before in various other renditions of Werewolf.




Some of them are entirely new to me.




All of these feature the fantastic art of their creator Corey Fields. The point of Werewolf cards is that a player should be able to glance at them and instantly understand what the card represents. These are simple and clear enough to convey that well, but still have their own, unique style that matches Werewolf perfectly.

Are you a fan of Werewolf? What do you think of this expansion on Kickstarter?

If you want to pick up Fields' original Werewolf deck, funded by his original Kickstarter, you can fin them here.

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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