Go Crazy At Werewoolf Miniatures With Their Crackpot Orc Shaman

June 17, 2015 by stvitusdancern

Werewoolf Miniatures, has released an new miniature called the Crazy Orc Shaman. If your Orc army is need of some special magic, than this 28mm miniature might just be what the doctor ordered (get it witch doctor...oh never mind).

Crazy Orc Shaman

This lovely detailed miniature not only comes with the Shaman, but also his assistant carrying a large war banner. Werewoolf Miniatures can only be ordered through their web store on eBay. Take a look and see if he has a place in your army.

Do you need a special kind of magic?

"If your Orc army is need of some special magic..."

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